Service of profitable purchases

Determine the best prices for products in different stores, buy thriftily and allow yourself more.

How it works

Create shopping lists

Create lists of specific products, save them in the app, share them with your loved ones and make purchases, without missing anything.

Compare Prices

Compare prices on particular products or on entire lists of products. The cost of products can differ significantly in different shops of the city.

Buy where it is profitable

Costless will help you find the right store for you, not only for price, but also for location, and also will offer the best route on the map.

Buy profitably

Compare the prices of goods

Compare the prices of particular products or entire carts in the application to determine the optimal shop for you nearby.

Grocery list

Now all the lists of products are gathered in one place. Create new ones, use old ones, share them with your loved ones, and family purchases will become much easier.

Discount cards

Get rid of a pile of discount cards from your wallet, let it be plump because of money. Download discount cards to Costless and use them with your loved ones.


The newest promotional offers from grocery stores in your city are sent directly to Costless, and you learn about them first.


For each item in the receipt you get points that can be exchanged for pleasant rewards: replenishment of mobile phone account or store bonus cards.

How to get points?

Upload sales receipts photos to the app.

Receive* 1 point for each item in the receipt

Exchange points for bonuses (1 point = 2 kop.)

Get cashback for goods

* Points are awarded if all the data is readable on the photo of the sales receipt, which is loaded no later than 15 days from the date of purchase.

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